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Frequently Asked Questions



" Do I have to be married in your church or belong to your faith in order for you to officiate my wedding?"


No. I will officiate any size wedding anywhere, as long as it is not illegal or a health or safety concern. While I am a Christian minister, and every wedding I compose reflects a measure of sacredness,  I respect every couple's right to pursue their own faith and doctrine, and to plan their wedding according to their own beliefs and wishes. However, I will not officiate any wedding that follows a strict order of disciplines, lifestyles, or traditions that require me to compromise my faith, or the standard of holiness I strive to live by.


"Would you consider officiating a "non-religious" or "secular" wedding?" 


No. I consider faith in God  a vitally important part of a healthy marriage relationship. So, I will decline the opportunity to officiate any wedding which in its content or conduct openly denies God, Jesus Christ, or refutes the power of the Holy Spirit,  or otherwise opposes the truth or principles of the Holy Bible.  (Also see my reply to question #1)  While I certainly encourage couples to explore and develop the spiritual component of their relationship, it is not a prerequisite of my service for a couple to be an active member,  or belong to a church or religious organization. 


"Do you require couples to complete pre-marital counseling as part of their preparation for the wedding ceremony?"


No. I do not require it, but I do offer it and certainly encourage it. I am a certified SYMBIS Facilitator, and can provide valuable pre-marital counseling and resources to couples who are becoming married for the first time, as well as those couples who are pursuing re-marriage. 


"How much do you charge to officiate a wedding?"


There are a number of factors that effect the cost of my services, including the size, complexity, and location of the wedding.  For a fair and accurate quote, please contact me by email or phone. You can be absolutely certain that my fee is very reasonable, customary, yet very affordable considering the high level of quality, and attention to detail that I provide to each ceremony. Pre-marital counseling would incur an additional nominal charge.

You may call me for a quote at (209) 401-8381, or if you have questions regarding the scope and cost of my services.


"Is there any type of wedding you will NOT officiate?" 


Yes. I am not available for "same sex marriages," partnerships, or "Civil Unions," as these would require me to violate the principles and precepts of my faith. I will officiate a non-denominational Christian wedding, inter-faith wedding, a contemporary or traditional wedding, or weddings which follow a theme (Hawaiian, Western, etc.), and vow "renewals."  

I have and will continue to marry couples regardless of their church affiliation, previous marital status, or the presence of children in the relationship. 

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